By now, just about everyone knows that you can order books from  Not only do you find the most competitive prices on books, but you can also get used books, as well as rare and collectible books, offered by sellers who list their books on Amazon.  You can find nearly any book on Amazon.  It's remarkable to me that we can shop in this way, by computer (or some other device); it's quick, convenient, and affordable, with free shipping in many cases! 

I'm proud to be an Amazon Associate. If you make a purchase from Amazon through a link on this site, I'll earn a very small advertising fee.  Many thanks to those who've ordered--or will order--through my site. To shop for books, simply click on any of the links below (or others on my blog):

But Amazon is not just books!  Rather than fight the crowds or go to twelve different stores, I search on Amazon for numerous items other than books.  Amazon has plenty to choose from.


I never thought I'd order jeans from Amazon, but often it's the only "place" that sells the size and style that I'm looking for.  I've also ordered music CDs, dishes, appliances, skin creams, shoes, and many other sundry items from Amazon.  Amazon offers the lowest prices and excellent service.  I'll continue to be a loyal shopper for books and other items.  The sight of those "smiling" packages at my home always brightens my day.

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