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Letter to My Daughters Upon the Release of My Grown-up Book: A Guest Post by Elizabeth Kropf

My guest is the author of a new book of poems, What Mothers Withhold: Poems by Elizabeth Kropf, published in January 2021.  I haven't read this book yet, but I've read several reviews of the book, and it's been described as beautiful, honest, and hopeful.  It sounds like my kind of book.  Elizabeth Kropf  has graciously written an exclusive guest post for my blog, a special, sweet letter to her young daughters, infused with joy and love.  Enjoy!



Letter to my daughters upon the release of my grown-up book

By Elizabeth Kropf

My chapbook “what mothers withhold” has just been published from Finishing Line Press. This has presented an interesting paradox as my children are 10 and 5 and the book appropriately includes things that have been withheld from them. For now, neither of them have asked to read it, but some day they might want to. I have written a letter to them for this occasion. The letter refers to chocolate chip cookies, which references one of the poems my oldest daughter has heard.

January 2021

To my delightful, exuberant daughters,

     Someday, you might read my chapbook, or at least have an interest in it beyond chocolate chip cookies and announcing that I am famous while jumping on the couch. You may not understand why there is not more about your adventurous spirits. When that day comes, I hope you do understand how fiercely I love you and how protecting you is my strongest desire.  If, someday, you choose to have children, you will have a deeper understanding of this, as I have a deeper understanding of my parents love for me.

     Someday you may wonder why your dad is not in the book more.  Every poem written, every critique group and workshop was attended while your dad was taking you on all of the adventures you have had. Writing is a way to process hard things, and while I was going through difficult times, your dad was next to me for all of it.

     This book is only the beginning.  I will write more about what each of you have taught me and how each of you will change the world.  I will write about how much I enjoy watching you practice TaeKwonDo and how much I love your confidence.

      What I hope you learn from me publishing a book is that your voice matters, your story matters. Choose who holds your pain and when.  Do not put a deadline on dreams.

Love, Mom



Special thanks to Serena from Poetic Book Tours for inviting me to participate in this book tour.  Like the poet, I have two daughters (and a son), so I think I this collection of poetry will resonate with me as a mother, and as a daughter.  I look forward to reading it.  Please visit the other stops on this tour for reviews and other related features.  The dazzling photograph above is by Alejandra Alumbaugh Photography.

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