Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Shamrock Case

Which characteristic do you value most in a female protagonist? As I mentioned in a previous post, author Linda Weaver Clarke says that a cozy mystery "focuses on the plot and characters, and the main character is usually an intelligent woman".  Published in 2014, The Shamrock Case is the second book in the Amelia Moore Detective series, a cozy mystery series by Linda Weaver Clarke.  In this new mystery, private investigator Amelia Moore is determined to solve a puzzling mystery for a new client, eighteen-year-old Kate Clemmons, who has just learned that she was adopted.  Kate's birth parents were from Ireland, and died soon after coming to America.  Kate wants to answer some questions about her past, and to find her biological grandparents.  Amelia is eager to help Kate learn more about her ancestors, and she's excited about taking a trip to Ireland (which is on her bucket list).  Like in the first book in this series, The Bali Mystery, Amelia asks her attractive friend and new partner, Rick Bonito, to help her solve the case.

The Shamrock Case is an engaging cozy with twists and turns that captured and held my interest.  Once again, the author has done a wonderful job with the characters and setting.  Amelia is a smart, kind, and altogether admirable main character.  I continue to relish the relationship between Amelia and Rick, which is purposeful, but also fun and flirty.  I loved taking a virtual trip to colorful, vibrant Ireland, and could visualize the countryside, churches, inns, and famous attractions, like the Blarney Stone.  Before I read this book, I was interested in visiting Ireland, which I picture as very lush and green.  Now, I'm even more eager to travel to this gorgeous country, and to taste some of the delicious food featured in the book, like shepherd's pie.  In back of the book there's a short list of Irish terms, such as Blathering and Dia Duit, which are used in the book, which is a charming little touch.  I enjoyed this second mystery very much. The Shamrock Case is suitable for older children and adults.

Thanks to Linda Weaver Clarke for providing me with a complimentary copy of The Shamrock Case.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series, The Missing Heir, in which Amelia, Rick--and readers--will venture to Mexico.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Really Random Tuesday #83: The Joy of Instagram, and an Amazon Gift Card Winner

My kids are probably sick of hearing me say that I'm enjoying Instagram, because it's been hard to contain my excitement.  I signed up for an account last Thursday, and I must say that it's been a lot of fun.  I take a picture on my phone, post it, and get a few likes.  It's very quick and easy.  I've learned to use hash tags.  You can add filters to your photos or use them as is.  I like that it's all done on my iPhone.  I don't need to use my computer (although you can view the photos larger on a computer).  I didn't expect Instagram to be so user friendly and so much fun. 

I Googled Instagram and learned a few facts from BuzzFeed:

  • Instagram was founded in 2010 by two Stanford graduates, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.   
  • As of 2014, 16 billion photos have been uploaded on Instagram. 
  • The U.S., Japan, and Brazil have the most users.
  • Justin Bieber is the most followed person on Instagram.
  • Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stocks.


Please help me to congratulate Mary from Bookfan, the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card.  Congratulations, Mary!  Mary mentioned that she'd look for some older books still in print by Liza Palmer (an author I'm now interested in) if she won the gift card.  $25 is not a great deal of money to spend on books, but you can often find good deals on new and used books on Amazon.

If you didn't win this time, don't be discouraged!  I have other giveaways listed on the right side of my blog, and I host new giveaways frequently.  My followers each get an extra entry in my giveaways if they mention their status in the comments.  :)


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