Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grandma's Treasure Chest

My children have gotten countless books from Grandma's Treasure Chest, which is a chest full of books. Each time they visit Grandma, they get to choose a book to take home and keep. Often Grandma would read their chosen book to them when they were very young. This wonderful tradition has helped us to stock our bookshelves to overflowing. Many thanks to Grandma!

What special traditions are a part of your family's reading history?


  1. Reading to and with a child is not only rewarding at the time and place it happens, but also evokes delicious memories for many years in both the child and the reader. I and my now-adult children have many lovely recollections of those sweet times. "Grandma's Treasure Chest" creates those delightful experiences.

  2. I especially remember reading Winnie the Pooh stories together as a child. Thanks for your comment!


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