Friday, October 16, 2009

Before and After

Inspired by Amanda's post, I decided to share these before and after photos with my fellow book bloggers and other readers.


Miscellaneous bedside books and stuff on the floor, which look messy and dowdy. Don't books deserve to be properly shelved and organized to some degree?


Finding a bookcase that actually fits under the window was thrilling. I feel much more organized now--even if I am a bit behind in my reading.

Other news: I won a Betsy-Tacy book on Kate's book blog! I'm very excited to read one of these classic books by Maud Hart Lovelace. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Kate.

I sampled the two newest juice flavors from POM Wonderful, POM Kiwi and POM Nectarine. The mix of pomegranate with kiwi and nectarine is exquisite. Pomegranate is considered to be a superfood, and these juices are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. Thank you, Janny and Jeff, for sending me these juices to try.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more reviews, a giveaway, and upcoming interviews with authors. As always, your comments are appreciated.


  1. This looks very nice. I am in desperate need of doing a bit of shelving myself. Maybe I will steal your idea and post before and after pics :)

    The juices sound great. Wonder where I can find them?

  2. I love your shelf! Sadly, I cannot have a TBR shelf in my house. Jason and I share too many books, not to mention I haven't read about 150 that are currently on my shelf, so that isn't going to help me much. But I love the idea of them!

  3. I really like the POM wonderful antioxidant tea-for a super healthy drink some times I mix green tea and the POM wonderful 100% juice 50/50-the fruit increases the antioxidant power of the tea and the reverse is also true. The Pomegranate is intimidating looking in the market like a fruit from another planet!-

  4. Kim, I hope you do post before and after photos of some sort. You can buy POM juices at the supermarket.

    Amanda, this little bookcase holds only a few books. I have a lot more in the room, in a baker's rack I use as a bookshelf, and throughout the house.

    Mel, green tea plus POM juice sounds super healthy and delicious (and POM sells some ready made teas, too). We are lucky to have a couple of pomegranate trees which actually bear the delicious fruit.

    Thanks for stopping by. More comments are welcomed.

  5. Hi Suko, love the shelf! And your wallpaper is very pretty :O)
    congrats on winning the book and the Pom sounds yummy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Your books look terrific now, and happy too :) good job

  7. You've got a lot of books there! =)

    I too feel like books deserve to be organised in some way or other. But then again, piles and piles of books that don't seem to fit into shelves are oh-so-seducing!

  8. That is a wonderful improvement! I need to get inspired and gets some shelves.

  9. Diane, they do look happier in their new home, don't they?!

    Michelle, I've been trying to be more organized, not just with all my books but with other stuff, too.

    bermudaonion, thanks--I always appreciate your comments.

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. More comments welcomed!

  10. Wow - great job with the organizing! I am ashamed thinking about my stacks of books around the house. I try to clean them up, but they do seem to collect over time. . .

  11. I like the bookcase! I really like bookcases in unusual shapes or design. I like yours because it is low....

  12. Laura, I realized that we have books in every room (except for the bathrooms). The area by the bed was starting to bug me--books on the floor just doesn't seem right!

    Sheila, it's a good use of the space under the window, and it seems more inviting, too.

    Again, thanks for all the comments. More are still welcomed.

  13. GOd! I can't wait for the work on the inside of our new home to start! I am getting something like that done for me for sure! Love the case.... so cute !

    And congrats on the wins and the drink s:)

  14. Oh, I love your little bookcase, it's very cute! And congratulations on winning the Betsey-Tacy book, I really want to read one and try the series out, but I have no idea where to begin!

  15. Veens and Zibilee, thanks for being so supportive!

    Additional comments are welcomed.

  16. That's the cutest bookshelf I've ever seen and it does fit nicely under your window. I'm also amazed that such a small bookshelf holds so many books so neatly. Great job with organizing it. You and Amanda have both inspired me!
    Congrats on winning the book! And the POM juice does sound wonderfully tasty. :D
    I also wanted to thank you for coming by my blog on Tues. :)

  17. Love the new set-up. I need to get my books off the floor and into a new bookcase, too.

    Hope you enjoy the Betsy-Tacy book. I'm loving the series so far.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  18. Julie, thanks for stopping by! Even a small amount of organizing seems to help. :)

    Anna, this little bookcase is called the Itso. I had to assemble it, but it was pretty easy (no tools required, but I did use a hammer). I can't wait to read the Betsy-Tacy book! :)

    My little bookcase generated so many comments--great big thanks! More comments welcomed.

  19. nice improvement with the bookshelf dilemma. and love the betsy-tacy books. so sweet! enjoy!

  20. I like your photos. I like your wallpaper, too. Mine is red, and I love it, but pure white like yours looks so crisp and clean.


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