Monday, August 20, 2012

Mailbox Monday: A Confessional

More books! I need to try to stop, or at least to reduce my addiction to, getting books in the mail. This meme does not help me resist those neat packages. ;)

Here are the latest additions to my collection of books (maybe I am becoming a bibliophile!). 

I won As Always, Jack by Emma Sweeney on Anna's blog, Diary of an Eccentric, and This Bright River by Patrick Somerville, on Leslie's blog, Under My Apple Tree.  I received The Siren of Paris by David LeRoy and The Forgetting Tree by Tatjana Soli for upcoming book tours, and I ordered You Being Beautiful by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz, MD from Amazon, because I'm a fan of Dr. Oz.

Mailbox Monday, one of my favorite memes, is almost a confessional for book bloggers, a way to assuage our guilt.  Currently on tour, Mailbox Monday is hosted this month by 5 Minutes For Books. What books arrived in your mailbox recently, or from elsewhere? 


  1. A nice reading week ahead, enjoy!

  2. Congrats on the giveaway wins. Happy reading!


  3. You had a couple great wins! I need to stop too, but every time I think I have things under control books come unsolicited.

  4. Oh, you are so lucky to have received the Tatjana Soli book, and all the others look amazing as well! Nice little stack you got there today!

  5. I would definitely say you're a bibliophile. :-)

  6. I is definitely a confessional! We are all addicted!

  7. I'm looking at my stack and shaking my head as well :p

  8. Such a wonderful pile, and I don't think you're turning into a bibliophile. I think you is one! ;)

  9. Happy reading Suko! What great books. And join the club, we are all addicted :)
    I'm a fan of Tatjana Soli after reading The Lotus Eaters and I like Dr. Oz as well, he is so wise.

  10. I like the cover on THE FORGETTING TREE...I bet it will be good.


    Silver's Reviews

  11. I should really stop adding books to my piles too but it is so hard when so many great books are published! You have a nice mailbox this week! Enjoy them all!

  12. Nah, never too many books. And such a nice selection this week. I like Dr. Oz too.

  13. Congratulations on the wins! one can never ever have too many books awaiting you to read them. never ever.

  14. So hard to resist the temptation when there are so many wonderful bloggers out there all talking about books.

    such a wonderful selection, happy reading.

  15. Gee, I had you pegged as a bibliophile from the first! The best part of working in a library is that so long as I remember the due dates, I can feed my addiction for free. (And still I find myself in bookstores. sigh.) Happy reading!

  16. In a past post, I mention the differences between bookworms and bibliophiles: Now it seems as if my career as a book blogger has tipped the scales--I've amassed quite a book collection as a result!

  17. Glad the book arrived. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  18. I can never resist books in the mail...or books from the library. I feel completely guilt free whenever I grab a huge stack from the library since they didn't cost me anything :) I'm crazy like that!

  19. Just popped by to say hello, Suko.

    Am not very active as a visitor to my blog friends right now, but hoping to be back visiting everyone very soon.

    Spinning too many dizzy plates at the moment :)

    Have a great weekend
    carol x

  20. Oh why stop? What is better than getting a book in the mail? NOTHING1

  21. Currently reading a book for a review and Eudora Welty. Nothing new of late I guess I need to find more book blogs!


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