Wednesday, April 23, 2014

World Book Day 2014

In honor of World Book Day, Books for Africa mailed out 33,000 books to Zimbabwe and Nigeria this morning!  Created in 1995 by UNESCO, World Book Day is an annual event celebrated on April 23 to promote books and reading.  In the United Kingdom, World Book Day is celebrated on the first Thursday in March (this year it was on March 6).  Some book bloggers, including Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza, will be giving away free books on World Book Day/Night, while others, like Tracy from Pen and Paper, will join in by reading a book from a list of books that are being distributed.

How will you celebrate World Book Day?  Please feel free to leave a link in the comments if you're giving away books, or celebrating in another manner.  Today, especially--thanks for reading!


  1. I gave out books the last two years and it was so much fun!

  2. I didn't know about World Book Day. I will have to think about how to get involved. Thanks for the information Suko.

  3. Oh this event just sneaked upon me. I think I will donate books to my local library.

  4. Many thanks for the mention. We held an event at the college where my husband works to celebrate WBN. Well, when I say we unfortunately I was poorly so didn't get to join in the fun but I will be reviewing my book choice in the next week or so. Here's hoping everyone who took part in this great event had fun.

  5. I didn't know about this event. Great info, Suko!

  6. How did I miss this???!!! I might need to give out a book or two belatedly! ;-)

  7. I've given out books the last three years. The first year was The Stand by Stephen King, the second year was Still Alice by Lisa Genova, and this year was Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

    I LOVE WBN!!

  8. Happy World Book Day (a little late)...awesome that they sent out 33,000 books to Zimbabwe and Nigeria!

  9. Love how the UN gets really involved in World Book Day!

  10. Great to read about this wonderful program.

  11. I got to hand out books for World Book Night with Alyce Reese from At Home With Books. We gave out Code Name Verity. Since it's a young adult book, we went to a high school softball game and handed out the books. I definitely think books can help us toward world peace.

  12. I've never heard of World Book Day - that is a wonderful and inspirational idea!


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