Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday: John, Jane, Joan, and a Librocubicularist

Is there a term for someone who collects words?  I had fun recently collecting a few words for this meme.  It's a favorite of mine, although I haven't featured a Wondrous Words Wednesday post in a long while.

My first word is from my 2014 365 New Words-a-Year desk calendar.

1. John Q. Public: a member of the public or the community, a person or citizen; it can also mean the public or the community personified 

John Q. Public started to appear in print in the late 1930s, about 10 years after John Citizen.  Some think that the Q was inspired by John Quincy Adams.  John Doe had been used since the mid-1600s to represent the anonymous or average man.  Female versions debuted later: Jane Doe (1930s), Joan Citizen (1940s), and Jane Q. Public (1980s).   

I discovered the next one on the Word of the Day feature on She Reads.

2. librocubicularist: a person who reads in bed

Not surprisingly, I'm a librocubicularist (even though I'm still learning how to spell and pronounce this seven-syllable word).  It's a rare word, although there are many of us.  It's truly wunderbar to read in bed, isn't it?  But isn't there a simpler term for someone who reads in bed?  Hmm....

I found my final word on Anna's blog, Diary of an Eccentric.  I could tell what it meant by the context ("a segue into the next installment"), but I admired her use of the word, and since it was new to me, I looked it up online.

3. segue: (verb or noun) to proceed without pause; a transition made without pause or interruption

Segue is often used in music or film to indicate a continuous transition from one piece of music or film scene to another. 

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme for word collectors, hosted by Kathy from BermudaOnion's Weblog.  What new words have you garnered? 


  1. I knew the word segue but the other I can't even pronounce,that is a long word.

  2. I've heard John Q. Public but have never heard Jane Q. Public. I'm a librocubicularist too and proud of it!

  3. I have never heard of the word librocubicularist, which is odd as it describes me perfectly! Thanks for the lesson, and I like the change in your header. xo

  4. I have no idea how to pronounce librocubicularist, but that's what I am.

  5. I didn't know librocubicularist but I definitely am one, I do most of my reading in bed.

    The other two I knew.

    1. I keep forgetting to let you know that I love the look of your blog!

    2. Thanks, Vicki! One of "my" authors, Helena Duggan (A Place Called Perfect) of Held Design in Ireland(!), worked with me to come up with a new, custom header. I am very pleased with its look--and it loads faster, too! :)

  6. John and Jane Citizen are new terms to me. Librocubuicularist is also new. I'm so glad you gave it to us. I'm happily one of them.

  7. I love the idea of finding unusual and rare words. I have a bunch of Kindle books where I electronically highlighted a whole series of exotic words with the intention of either joining n on this meme or doing something similar.

    I have always liked the word "segue."

    1. Brian Joseph, you can put those words to work, and join in on a Wondrous Words Wednesday sometime. Kathy is a wonderful host, and the meme is a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I enjoyed your post Suko! I like your new header!

  9. Wonderful Words of Wisdom on a Wednesday! I learned 3 new words! I too, am a librocubicularist too!

  10. I have heard of segue but the others are new.

  11. I used to be a librocubiculist but my deteriorating sight made it difficult. I love new words too. Here are some common words used in New Zealand that you will probably not know - mana, kia ora, iwi, korero, hui, te reo - all Maori but used by all. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  12. I think they are new for me!


  13. What a wonderful word librocubicularist is and yet quite the tongue twister,


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