Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June Gloom

Infamous "June Gloom" has settled upon us, but I welcome the drizzly gray skies --perfect reading weather--although I can't sit and read all day, except in my dreams. My idea of a great weekend would be to just read for the entire time, without having to go anywhere, but that's an impossibility for me right now with a family. It may sound boring to you, but that's my idea of a real break.

The Hidden Target, a love story with a focus on international terrorism, continues to fascinate me, and 'the queen of the spy writers', Helen MacInnes (pictured to the right) lives up to her name. This is my first Helen MacInnes novel, part of a series of three featuring Robert Renwick as the hero, although I'm told they are best read in order: Prelude to Terror, The Hidden Target, and then Cloak of Darkness. Even without having read the first of the series, I'm doing fine. MacInnes' crisp writing is easy to follow (although I do need to keep track of who's who in this world of changing identities), and the story stands on its own. (Thanks for the introduction, Sandie!)


  1. As you know, when I come down for a weekend to visit my friends in SD, I enjoy socializing with friends, but also love to do nothing, except relax and read, walk on the beach!

  2. You've mastered the art of relaxation!


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