Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Question of Balance

I haven't left the "blogosphere", but have had no internet access for a couple of days. It's wonderful to be back writing!

Many of the writers in Women & Fiction struggled with the difficulty of finding the time to write, yet, they managed; they realized that the fullness of their lives only contributed to the quality of their writing. In fact, they wrote about the very fullness of their lives--about children, parties, love, life, and death! This is a challenge to the artist: experience life fully to create art, and also find the time alone to create unhampered. It's hard to devote time to writing or any other artistic endeavor when you have children or other relationships that demand your presence, time, and energy, but I think most women would agree that the experience of raising children or having other important relationships is essential to the creation of art. An uplifting book of essays, A Question of Balance: Artists and Writers on Motherhood, compiled by Judith Pierce Rosenberg from twenty-five women artists, pertains specifically to motherhood and artistic creation, and is filled with interesting stories, insights, and support by women who were able to achieve their artistic and personal goals.

The poll is over. Those who responded read more in the summer. I am open to suggestions for other polls, as well as your comments.

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