Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lovely Awards

Mervat of The Writing Instinct brightened my spirits a couple of days ago with the above award. I appreciate it very much. Thank you, Mervat!

In a nerdy mood, I looked up the word 'lovely' before deciding who to pass this award on to. I wasn't a super-nerd, though, because I looked the word up online. (Yes, I know what lovely means. But sometimes I look up words I already know the meaning of--do you?--to discover more shades of meaning and that sort of thing. Okay, maybe that means I'm a super-nerd after all.) Anyway, the definition which seems to match the intent of this award is that lovely means having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye, possessing internal and external beauty, which makes these blogs particularly enjoyable:

I'm supposed to give this award to 15 other blogs, but to be honest I don't follow or even read that number of blogs on a regular basis, and so I will instead just give out a handful. Recipients, display the award on your own blog if that appeals to you, and feel free to give out as many or as few of these awards as you choose. This shouldn't feel like homework, but is a pat on the back for consistently publishing your best. Congratulations!


  1. Thanks Susan, that made me feel really good! I will do mine tonight.

  2. oh Suko! you are so deserving of this award! you are beautiful in every way, and I am honored to call you friend. I accept this award with great humility because I learn every day how to be "lovely" by associating with people like yourself.

    PS- I am about to post HUGE news on my blog! along with this wonderful award :)

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved.

    I am the same with looking up words. I do it almost too often!

  4. Thanks Suko! I think lovely is a lovely word, and I'm an inveterate consulter of the dictionary as well.

  5. I should add that this award is supposed to be given to new or newly discovered blogs, although it's fine to pass it along to whomever you wish.

    Thanks for your responses, and have a lovely weekend!


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