Thursday, January 13, 2011

Magpie Tales #48: I'll Play it Cool

But I can't read music! What good am I as a pianist if I can't even read music? Even though my mom's a piano teacher, I never learned how to read notes, although I can play by ear and memory pretty well. Even Moonlight Sonata. At the recital everyone was spellbound when I played. I didn't just play, I performed! Everyone loved my piece. I can memorize pages and pages of music. I've even composed some tunes. But I wish I knew how to read music. I know, maybe Caitlin can teach me! I want to get closer to her anyway. She's a cutie! All of my friends think she's hot. And she has been playing piano since, like, kindergarten. I'm sure she would teach me. She likes to help people. Like that time she helped a little boy who was looking for his mother at Target and she asked him what his mother looked like. She held his hand and stayed with him until they were together again. (Caitlin told me his mom had tattoos all over her arms and was really upset about losing her kid in the store, and tried to give her five bucks as a reward.) Or that time she gave her sandwich to that nerd with the reddish hair, Michael, who'd left his lunch at home. And maybe after a few lessons I'll ask her out. Even if I don't learn how to read music it will be okay. Should I call her right now? Nah, I'll wait until I see her at school tomorrow or the next day. I don't want to seem too eager. I'll play it cool.

Again, I ask that you be gentle with me if you leave a comment. Go ahead and tell me the truth about my creative writing, which was inspired by the picture above from Tess Kincaid, as this is my second attempt at Magpie Tales. Your comments and constructive criticism are welcomed. Thanks for reading!


  1. Sometimes music comes from the soul, and bypasses the notes on the paper...

  2. Well said, Jinksy! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'm assuming the picture was your writing prompt and I think you did a fantastic job! I am so impressed!

  4. Kathy, I just added a tiny bit of explanation to the end of the post (as you were commenting?). Yes, the photo acts as a writing prompt. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. I've always wanted to play the piano well. I took seven years of lessons as a girl, but just didn't have that thing. I can, however read music!

  6. I was right there until the end. You had from "But I can't read music."

  7. Tess, thank you for hosting Magpie Tales. I used to see it on various blogs but didn't quite "get" it. I had fun creating the persona of a young boy for this vignette.

    Gigi Ann, I appreciate your feedback--thanks! :)

  8. Yah, boy play it cool! Hey you did a fantastic job! And I am sure you will read music of love, very soon.

    Good work, SUko.

  9. A well expressed piece of writing. Well done.

    I can read music. But believe me, just "reading" it isn't much of an accomplishment unless you can hear it in your head as you read WITHOUT PLAYING IT!

  10. I like this! I like the segue way you make from music to the story. Great job Suko!

  11. I knew a man who was classically trained. One evening we asked him to play "Happy Birthday. And do you know, he couldn't do it without the music... CRAZY!

  12. A very very creative take on the Magpie! Enjoyed it a lot!! It's funny how the oddest of things can bother when it comes love.. :) I really liked your thinking on this one, Suko... very sweet!
    But hey... keep that cool hat on! ;-) You are doing GREAT at Magpie Tales, I can tell ya that!

  13. This is such a fun meme! You nailed the rambling thoughts of a young boy perfectly.

  14. I appreciate this feedback very much, and I highly recommend Magpie Tales to all who wish to try a bit of creative writing!

  15. Great job Suko! I think you captured his voice and emotion really well.

  16. Well, you did play it cool here sweet suko :) I like how you captured that budding male voice. Kinds of reminds me of my old corny, childish ways.

    Hope you do more magpies!


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