Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Really Random Tuesday #37: The Jodi Picoult Project

I am such a slouch.

My first Jodi Picoult book, My Sister's Keeper, which I read and reviewed on my blog in June of 2009, was quite a touching novel for me. After I read the book I went to see the movie (which differs from the book in some ways), and I cried throughout the film, much to my embarrassment, anticipating the sad events that would occur. I vowed to read more books by Jodi Picoult, who writes about contemporary subjects--but I haven't. Recently, I discovered that my teenage daughter has read more Jodi Picoult novels than me! As for reading challenges, I'm also a slacker; I'm reading challenge challenged, and often opt to read the minimum number of required books: one. With this in mind, I created a reading challenge for the purpose of "catching up" with my daughter and reading more than one book for a challenge, The Jodi Picoult Project, during which I plan to read three novels by this author, who writes so well about many of the issues most relevant to our times. I've already ordered two books, House Rules and The Pact, to get started, and will add a third title, probably Sing You Home (due out in paperback later this month). If you want to join in, commit to reading at least one novel by this prolific author. This reading challenge will run from October 2011 through October 2012. Feel free to "grab" the button below (subject to revision) and use it on your own blog.


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Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Suko-- yes, I have such a HUGE to be read pile, I cannot commit to this challenge, but I am happy to hear you like this author, now I can add a name to the to be acquired to read list!

  2. Great challenge idea Suko. I'm in :) I've never read Jodi Picoult but have wanted to read My Sisters Keeper.

  3. I am planning a Debbie Macomber reading challenge for myself soon. I have so many of her books on my bookshelves waiting to be read, I decided I needed to take a few weeks and read and listen to some of them.

    Enjoy your reading challenge.

  4. If I wasn't so behind on my reviews, I would join you in this challenge. I love Jodi Picoult's books.

  5. I bet you'll have some joiners on this one. I love Jodi P's style and old themes. (I've read all of her books -- My Sister's keep and Sing You Home are my favorites. She has a new one targeted for 2/28/2012 release called Lone Wolf.

    Have fun!

    (BTW...the beautifully packaged win arrived today - thank you so much!)

  6. Ooh if I didn't have loads of review books I would definitely join you. Good luck with it though hun. Also thank you for your lovely comments about my new blog design.

  7. This is a really neat challenge, and I wish you a lot of luck with it. Picoult is one of my daughter's favorites, so I will have to alert her that this is going on!

  8. I've read most of her books and they are interesting reads. She has a knack for identifying hot issues and then making a book about them.

  9. My first Jodi Picoult was My Sister's Keeper as well. I enjoy her novels and also have a few on my pile that I need to catch up on. My late friend Laura also recommended a couple that I would like to read. I need to catch up on a couple of reviews and then I'll post about this sometime next week:-) Great idea - I can't wait to be a part of it!

  10. I have had My Sister's Keeper on my tbr mountain for ages now and I keep picking it up and putting it down so thanks for this challenge as it WILL give me the incentive to read the book.

  11. I wish I weren't so far behind in all my review books. I would join you.I have several Picoult books on my books shelves, both read and unread. She is one of my favorite authors.

  12. This will be a great challenge. I've read almost all of hers but for the last few. She's definitely a very talented author.

  13. Thanks to everyone who's left a comment so far. I'm thrilled that others will join me in this reading challenge! I admire the work--and work ethic--of writer Jodi Picoult, and look forward to reading more of her books, as well as your reviews and impressions of her many books.

  14. Just thought I'd let you know that this very morning I started reading My Sister's Keeper.

  15. That's great, Petty. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

  16. I'll think about new challenges in a few weeks ! Perhapswil I try to read one of this author's books !

  17. Nice challenge! I love her books and have a huge pile to read. As soon as my life evens out I'm in.
    Have fun with it,
    Natalie :0)

  18. I have a few Jodi Picoult books on my shelf. I keep reading good things about her books and so I pick them up at library sales. Perhaps it's time to read one of them.

  19. I've read The Pact so I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it when you finish. Good luck with your challenge Suko!

  20. I finally posted about it! http://lauragerold.blogspot.com/2011/10/jodi-picoult-project.html

    1. Hi Suko!

      I recently read Jodi Picoult's Songs of the Humpback Whale and reviewed it on my blog. Here's the link: http://thegalnxtdoor.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/songs-of-the-humpback-whale/

      I would like the review to be included as a part of your Jodi Picoult reading challenge. Thanks!


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