Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

"My mom's attitude made it hard not to like her. She was always upbeat, no matter how terrible things were, and she made light of things that most people would have found unbearable. For instance, my mom worked (as many mothers did), but she had to ride a bike to work. Whether it was pouring rain or 105 degrees, my mom would dress for work, hop on the bike, and start pedaling the four miles to the office. Her bike had a basket on the handlebars and two more behind the seat; after work, she's ride the bike to the grocery store, load in whatever she needed, then ride home. And always--I mean always--she beamed when she walked in the door. No matter how hard the day had been, no matter how hot or wet she was, she made it seem as if she were the lucky one and that her life couldn't get any better."
~Three Weeks With My Brother, A Memoir, Nicholas and Micah Sparks

This passage by Nicholas Sparks could describe my own mother, who was also unfailingly cheerful after a hard day's work. While she rode buses and the subway to work rather than a bicycle, she was energetic and uncomplaining every day. She walked to the supermarket and lugged home bags of groceries after work up the steep hill to our apartment. My mother, who raised four daughters, seemed to thrive on hard work!

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. What a great quote about his mother. It's so true that everything depends on our 'attitude' - - our spirit. We can truly help others best when we share our positive attitude with them & give their spirits a lift. Share a joke, pun or a smile and see how much the little things can matter. Thank you Susan!

  2. When I first read the passage, I immediately thought of my own mother and her positive attitude. It was almost uncanny to see it in print.


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