Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Two books I just heard about today:

The Drunkard's Walk, by Leonard Mlodinow, is an investigation of how randomness affects or even "rules" our lives, and how our successes and failures may be more dependent on chance events than we realize. Sounds fascinating to me! I can no longer accept blame for everything that goes wrong (yay!), nor credit for all that goes right (darn!). This collection of anecdotes is backed up by mathematical formulas and figures by the author, who's also a physicist and professor. (Was it mere randomness that I heard about this new book on the radio today? Or was it meant to be?)


The Art of Being Kind, by Stefan Einhorn.
"Being nice has nothing to do with being spineless. In his best-selling book, Stefan Einhorn shows how kindness is the single most important factor in achieving success and satisfaction in life."
~ Sweden Bookshop

Einhorn apparently makes a compelling case for kindness. Published in 2007, this book is a best-seller, sometimes out of stock (which tells me that readers value kindness).

I want to read these books! Don't they sound intriguing?

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