Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hop: Getting to Know You

Welcome! The Book Blogger Hop is a wonderful, weekly event for bloggers and readers, an opportunity to connect with other book lovers, make new friends and followers, and share an appreciation of books. I've discovered numerous book blogs in this way. Hosted by Jennifer from Crazy-for-Books, this Hop lasts from September 24 until September 27, so there's plenty of time to join and enjoy the BOOK PARTY. If you'd like me to visit your blog, please leave a comment.

This week's question is from Elizabeth from the lovely blog, Silver's Reviews:
When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?

As a general rule, I write my book review after I've finished reading the entire book. Often I take notes while I'm reading, or jot down a few page numbers, but I don't write my actual review until I'm completely done reading a book.

The Book Blogger Hop puts me in a social mood, but I'm also in a curious mood, and have another question for my fellow book bloggers and readers. But first I have a confession to make.

I am having a love affair! I expect this is just a summer fling, which will change because the summer is over. After not having had any coffee for many years, it has been fabulous to drink coffee again, mostly iced coffee, with lots of soy milk and ice. I haven't given up my previous love, tea, especially green tea, but am also drinking coffee again after a long hiatus. Very recently we bought a Keurig machine, which even has a setting for iced coffee! What's your favorite beverage while reading or blogging, if any? Is it tea, coffee, water, a glass of wine, or something else?


  1. coffee, definately coffee! the neighborhood is still quiet, my family is still sleeping, and I'm enjoying a book w/a cup of hot coffee.

    aren't the Keurig machines cool? a few of the public libraries around here use them as fundraisers - 50 cents or a buck for a cup of coffee (way cheaper than starbucks!), and they'll let you carry the coffee through the library.

    the only thing better than a cup of coffee with a book is a cup of coffee and a library!

  2. Usually I enjoy a good cup of coffee, but I'm not opposed to wine either :)

  3. I am following you from Crazy-For-Books Friday Follow!! Looking forward to seeing what you post on your site!
    I always like a cup of coffee in the morning and a nice spicy tea in the afternoon/evening.
    You can view my blog and follow me back at:
    Thanks! Pris

  4. I am madly, MADLY in love with my Keurig, and quite honestly, can't fathom how I lived life before that...! Ah, what fantastic clean up, and not to mention amazing coffee options! Very happy to see that you're back into drinking coffee!

  5. I'm a new follower.

    45 Book Bloggers have joined our
    Follower Appreciation Hop.
    Come join us!!

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    Have a great weekend!
    ~Inspired Kathy
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  6. My favorite drink at any time is cold green tea-not bottled as that is full of chemicals and additives-lots of antioxidents, helps in weight lose and very refrsshing

  7. Stopping by from the hop! I love an iced coffee. I need to look into the Keurig that has the iced coffee setting! Sounds like happy.

  8. Oh your so lucky! I would love to have one of those machines. I too love ice coffee but its usually a rare treat. When I'm reading I just drink water or iced tea, I know, not that exciting LOL!
    Have fun with your new fling,
    Natalie :0)

  9. As soon as I start reading a book, I start a blog post for the review and save it as a draft. Then as I read, I'll type in page numbers and general details about the book I want to include in the review. This way when Im ready to write the review, I have notes on my blog about it.

    I love green tea too. We have a Keurig at work and I do drink a cup a day from that. I like the French Roast :)

  10. Hopping on by to say hello! Your Keurig looks very nice! :) I don't always do well with coffee, so it's a treat for me to make some and have it iced with half&half and a splash of Irish Cream. ;)

  11. Oh, I'm so a coffee person. I love the smell of coffee, especially coffee houses or freshly ground coffee.

    Black Disaster Fairy

  12. Just hopping by....

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance for the answer to this week's questions…it was my question that was chosen…pretty neat.

    I also have a lot of review you may want to check out.

    Happy Hopping, Everyone....hop on over to my blog to see MY answer to MY question. :)

    I like hot tea or water.

  13. Hi Suko. Just stopping by from the hop.

    I do love coffee and wish I can drink it more than once in the morning. I love it bold and robust. But I also like it sweet and flavored, preferably with an English Toffee creamer.

  14. Thanks for stopping by for the Hop!

    I love your question about beverages while blogging. I enjoy a cold Diet Coke. But then again, I have a severe problem with Diet Coke...I thought I had kicked the habit after college but perhaps not. Diet Coke is wonderful anytime!

    Some really interesting book reviews! I typically read MG/YA so you have opened my eyes to some new titles.

  15. My favorite drink is decafe tea. I just last evening saw the coffee machine while visiting with friends. However, I am not a coffee drinker, so I didn't try a cup. But, it is an amazing machine, if you are a coffee drinker.

  16. Not a coffee drinker, I sometimes like a nice cup of weak tea but love fruit juices and have a glass of milk every morning, hot chocolate if its really cold. I keep having a mouthful of husband dearest's coffee as I love the smell and hope I'll get a taste for it but sadly never seem to.

  17. Hmm, favorite beverage...
    Lukewarm coffee, dark, little sugar (actually, I'm more of a honey person).
    I know, sounds weird, but it is what I drink when I write (if I need to drink something, that is), and I suppose the habit just carried over.

  18. OMG you have a Kuerig coffee maker?! I want one badly. My first experience with one was this summer when my family took a trip to Rhode Island. The hotel had a Kuerig coffee maker and we could use it anytime, day or night. I need one badly for my coffee addiction! Love tea too, those are the two things I drink most while reading :) Hope you have a really nice weekend!

  19. Tea is my favorite- because the caffeine in coffee makes me too shakey. I like drinking decaf though!

  20. thanks for hopping by my site. I'm hopping by yours now. Happy weekend

  21. Thanks for hopping by my blog. You have a lovely site. That picture of all the coffee and tea looks wonderful. You say that the machine has a setting for iced coffee? I need to get one of those right away. My favorite drinks in the summer are iced coffee and cold spiced tea with milk, and in the winter I prefer a mocha latte or a hot chocolate. Mmm. Luckily my boyfriend is making me some lovely iced tea right now. Life is pretty good. :)

  22. I am a HUGE Keurig Fan. We have it at home and at work...LOL Island Coconut (a seasonal blend) is my favorite, but I love the black and green teas, and Sumatra coffee, and well so many more LOL


  23. Stopping by on the hop- I'd have to say my beverage changes a lot- today so far it's been tea, hot chocolate and Milo; although the day's not over yet!

  24. Hopping by to say hi! I love to drink coffee or hot chocolate while I'm reading. I also have a Keurig and really like it. Sometimes I'll drink a glass of wine while reading, but that tends to make me sleepy :)

  25. Wow, Suko! I can't believe this! I started on coffee recently after a long hiatus too! That is just a great coincidence!
    I like it black with sugar and no milk :)

    well while reading, nowadays I like coffee but I cannot have a good day without a glass of tea with milk and sugar :)

    And I write my reviews after I have done reading the books too :) same as you :)


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