Author Interviews

Terry Gross' Fresh Air interviews on NPR, which never fail to hold my interest, inspired me to conduct some interviews of my own.  In these conversations, writers reveal the important details, inspiration, and stories behind their stories, and offer some insights into the writing life.  Click on the links below to read my interviews with these authors.


A Conversation with Kate Jacobs (November 2008)

A Conversation with Shaila Abdullah

An Interview with Shawn Klomparens

An Interview with Linda Weaver Clarke (August 2009)

An Interview with Kate Jacobs (November 2009)

An Interview with Javy W. Galindo

A Conversation with Enna Neru

An Interview with Dalton James

An Interview with Jamie Ford

A Conversation with Tatjana Soli

A Conversation with Linda Weaver Clarke (April 2010)

A Conversation with Tiffany Baker

A Conversation with Fiona Place

An Interview with Laura Lyseight

A Conversation with Sweta Srivastava Vikram

A Conversation with Steve Cushman 

A Conversation with Vanessa Morgan

A Conversation with Anene Tressler

An Interview with Bogdan Tiganov

A Conversation with Deborah Reed

A Conversation with Helen Schulman 

About A Good Man: Another Conversation with Vanessa Morgan

A Conversation with Arisa White

Reviews with a few questions for the authors:

Letter to My Daughter review, and a question for George Bishop

We Bury the Landscape review, and micro-interview with Kristine Ong Muslim 

Whole Latte Life review, and questions for Joanne DeMaio

Young Men Shall See review, and questions for Scott Thompson 

Last Train to Omaha review, and a question for Ann Whitely-Gillen

Humbled by the Journey review, and two questions for Mike Fernandez

United States of Japan review, and a question for Peter Tieryas


Blue Publishing: An Interview with Jacob Morris

Some of the books featured here were given to me free of charge by authors, publishers, and agents. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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