Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer Joys

We have beautiful grapes! It's an absolute thrill, a real joy, to grow grapes on our property, after waiting two years for the vines to produce this sweet fruit! (You'll have to excuse me please, I get excited about this kind of stuff. Don't ask me about the tomatoes!)

The last section of Eat, Pray, Love, when Elizabeth Gilbert ventures to Bali, is extremely funny and had me laughing out loud. If you go to her website, you can even see photos of the people in her book, which is pretty amazing. I'll finish this marvelous book tonight, most likely.

Yesterday I ordered two books from marketplace sellers, The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks, and also Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith. I was happy to find these books at very low prices and don't mind at all that they are used. In fact, I like the fact that they 're being recycled, and that you can buy books from people all across the United States. (As I've mentioned before, I also sell some books on Amazon; if you're interested in a link to my storefront please send me an email). Anyway, The Rescue is the only book published by Sparks that I haven't yet read (some of you may already know this), and I'm looking forward to reading it. I really don't like to tell people what to read but would eagerly recommend any of Sparks' books to those with an interest in bittersweet romances. A friend just mentioned that she's read The Notebook and The Wedding as well as a couple of books by Sharon Creech as a result of my blog--I'm happy to share this joy with others!


  1. Should I look forward to your thoughts on 'Grapes of Wrath'? I recall that the story 'Esperanza Rising' described grape farming, the story was very good. Thank you for your nice blog, the variety of your subjects is refreshing!

  2. Thank you, Rudy! I appreciate the comments.


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