Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Power Dolls

I am terribly behind in some of my reading challenges, and as if to mock me I stumbled upon this quick video today on Lit and Life.  As a participant in Laura's All About the Brontë Sisters reading challenge, I plan on posting a review (relatively) soon, so please stay tuned.


  1. Cool video! I wonder if they really have those dolls for sale? It would be neat to collect them.
    Looking forward to your reviews :0)
    Natalie :0)

  2. This really is a funny video! My favorite line is, "Girls can't write books. Ha, ha, ha!" Thanks for stopping by, Natalie and Yvonne. :)

  3. Hahaha that was HILARIOUS! Thanks for brightening up my day with that! I hope you get to catch up with your challenges!

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. I saw this the other day and laughed my butt off! This is such a funny video, thanks for sharing it with us!!

  5. I have an award for you. You can pick it up here.

  6. Thanks for the video. I am actually listening to Romancing Ms. Bronte by Gael, have you heard of that or seen any blog reviews anywhere?

  7. Book Quoter, Romancing Ms. Bronte by Gael is new to me.

    Thanks to all for your comments.

  8. Hehe--I would so buy these dolls if they were on the market!

  9. OMG, Brontesaurus is awesome!

    I'm also woefully behind on the All About the Brontes challenge. I just started The Professor.


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