Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wondrous Words Wednesday: Words for the Year Ahead

Usually, I let Bermudaonion--Kathy--do all the work.  On Wednesdays I visit her blog and read the vocabulary words she has garnered from her reading in a meme of her creation, Wondrous Words Wednesday.  She presents her words in a clear and concise manner, and more often than not, I add these words to my growing list of new-to-me words.  I also visit other participating blogs to read the words they've posted, and present a few words myself from time to time.

Today I bought a desk calendar, 365 New Words-a-Year.  Each day defines a different word, and I expect to learn quite a few new words this year. I decided to feature a few words from the first days of January 2012 for Wondrous Words Wednesday.

1. ab ovo: from the beginning

All the words here are from this word-a-day calendar, ab ovo. (This one happens to be the very first.)

2. popinjay
: a strutting, supercilious person

Nobody could stand the popinjay; he was pretentious and often wore a gaudy suit.

3. causerie
: an informal conversation or chat; can also be a short, informal essay

She looked forward to their Friday causerie all week long.

2012 is here, and I have a calendar full of words. What wondrous new words have you discovered recently?


  1. I love those word a day calendars! Have run across popinjay in my reading (what a great word!), but the other two are new to me.

  2. I bought that same calendar for myself for Christmas and made note of both of those words! I love popinjay! Thanks for playing along today!

  3. Popinjay is a stand-out, isn't it?! Thank you both for your comments.

  4. Love that first word for the first day. I actually knew popinjay -- I've read books with that type of character.

  5. Popinjay is a wondrous word indeed. I hadn't come across the other two before.

  6. What a great post, I also love new words so thanks for this.

  7. Looks like a great calendar! Thanks for visiting my Post. I like your blog too! I'm off now to copy your carrot cake recipe from below!

  8. I love the word popinjay, and think that the word itself sounds exactly like what it describes. Great words today, Suko!

  9. Popinjay is a great word, but the one I had no inkling about was causerie. Thank you for that. It is such fun to collect words!!

  10. A good book, I think ! I like the old French word "causerie" : it's a nice and peaceful one ! Happy New Year, Suko, with wonderful books and people !

  11. Hi Suko, I commented a few days ago, but I guess blogger ate
    Popinjay is a fun word. And that sounds like a cool desk calendar.

  12. Enjoy your new calendar. I have never heard of any of these words. Does that make me a 'Popinjay?' ; )

  13. Have fun with your calendar and this meme.

    I received my prize from your giveaway (The CHICK-tionary). Thank you so much! Looks great!


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