Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hygge for Readers (and for Wondrous Words Wednesday)


Have you heard of hygge?  Pronounced "hoo-ga", this Danish word can be used as a verb or as a noun. This term has become popular in America over the past year or so.  Although there's no direct translation of the word in English, here's the description of hygge from Wikipedia:

"Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word which can be described as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)."    

Wikipedia states that hygge might originate from the word 'hug', and in both Danish and Norwegian, it refers to a form of everyday togetherness.  To me, hygge means something that brings a feeling of warmth, that contributes to "the cozy factor".  If, like me, you're interested in exploring this concept further, there's a book called The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking, author and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute.  It sounds like a book I need to get!

I think dogs contribute to hygge as well.  Dogs are cute, dogs are snuggly, and their charming presence may increase hygge (cats, may, too, though currently we are catless). I've noticed more dogs appearing in ads, especially for home furnishings and decor, over the past year.  One of the places I like to read is on this loveseat.  It's firm yet comfortable, and there's a lamp on the side table, if I need extra light.  My dog, Daisy, has her special corner of the loveseat, unless I join her with a book. Then, she'll usually sit on me.

One of my favorite spots to read

I enjoy decorating, and I look at furniture online sometimes.  Occasionally I even order something for the house, like the loveseat in the photo, which is also a futon.  Recently, I was asked the question: How do I envision the perfect reading nook?  While I thought about this, the term hygge quickly came to mind.  I found some great living room furniture on the Arhaus website that would complement my decor, and add more hygge to the house.  Arhaus has elegant, modern yet "vintage-y" home furnishings that look appealing and well-made.

This wall sconce would provide light and style to a reading area.

Arhaus Wall Sconce
To readers, a cozier-than-thou chair is an invitation to read.

Arhaus Chair and Throws

I like the look and feel of this living room bench, which could "multitask" and come in handy. :)

Arhaus Living Room Bench

Ideally, there are several places for reading in your home.  How do you envision your reading nook, or nooks?  Is hygge important to you?


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  1. This sounds like a new book. Hygge, however it works for a paticular person, is important.

    My wife, who is much more skilled at decorating then me, is in charge of hygge is my home. She does a great job. I agree that pets are a part of hygge.

  2. I love your take on hygge! Thank you for your review!

  3. I only heard of hygge after that book came out. I love your take on things.

  4. Thanks for the all of the comments! :)

  5. Vicki, thanks for the update! I want to get the book, too. :)

  6. What a wonderful new word! I love the pictures you included as well. I love to read pretty much everywhere. When I was younger my hygge would be a tree reading a book. Now it's more a comfortable chair by the fire with a cat or dog nearby!

  7. Furbabies are definitely a part of hygge. Love your reading nook <3 welcome back lovely, you have been missed xxx


  8. I love (and agree) the idea of dogs/cats being part of hygge.

  9. My favorite place to read is on the front porch of the family property In rural Philippines. Very peaceful and Serene.

  10. Whilst not usually into these trends, having learnt about Hygge here I think its something we should all have a bit of in our lives.

  11. I like the idea of this...and that bench is so neat!

  12. Hi Susan and Daisy, what a cozy reading spot! I hadn't heard of hygge until now, but I agree, our pets are part of it. Great post :)

  13. I thought I already posted a comment, but it disappeared. :(

    Hygge sounds fantastic and of course, dogs are great contributors. I love your Daisy. My reading nook accommodates my four-legged furry friend Anu Boo, a lamp, and a bed. Life can't go wrong there. :)

  14. If you are interested in the concept of "hygge" you will love this book! It's an easy read, very informative, includes happiness data and research, and provides ideas for incorporating more hygge into your life.

    click here

    1. Hi, Zia! Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I just got a hardcover copy of this wonderful little book, and look forward very much to reading it (in a cozy spot of the house, of course). :)

  15. I heard about "hygge" on the radio today. I'm going to look into it.


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