Saturday, June 7, 2008

About Suko's Notebook

Recently some friends have asked me if I'm still blogging and I've replied that I'm still "blogging away". It's not an ego thing for me--although of course it would be wonderful to have an explosion of traffic to this blog--it's more about writing and producing something, recording thoughts and sharing my love of books and reading. I've always had the idea to be a writer of some sort, and Suko's Notebook impels me to write frequently. Many of us want to write novels, or newspaper columns, or articles for magazines, to be respected for our ideas and words, but we don't sit down and actually write anything. The internet is unique because it gives you the opportunity to self-publish (and include graphics and links) and it's international! I've already had traffic from Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada. So even on days when my posts get a minimum of hits, it's still an exciting, creative venture for me because I look at the whole picture. I also hope to be somewhat of an incidental historian; a hundred years from now, people may read my words and learn about American culture of the past.


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