Monday, June 23, 2008

Portrait of the Victorian Housewife

According to Yaffa Claire Draznin's book, Victorian London's Middle-Class Housewife: What She Did All Day, the Victorian housewife was stylish yet "proper".

A Quick Portrait of the Victorian Housewife

~ 5 ft. tall, or shorter, and full-figured
~ fashionable, with long, curled hair, pinned up
~ properly attired in long dresses and bustle gowns
~ married at age 25, on average
~ mother of six children, on average
~ often an employer of a housemaid (or two) and a cook
~ a savvy consumer
~ a physical laborer who worked her fingers to the bone!


  1. A person who works and employs others - - sounds like a businesswoman!

  2. I agree. She had a lot of work to do, and had to manage time and money well for the sake of her family.

  3. So who actually did the labor of picking up the horse poop? Was it written in the book? Now that's really down in the dumps!

  4. A lot of it wasn't picked up and that became a major problem! It would be swept aside or into piles by street sweepers until it was finally carried away and dumped somewhere else. Can you say stink-a-rooney?


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