Monday, January 25, 2010

Should I get a Snuggie (and another important question)?

My daughter bought herself a Snuggie recently, and ever since then I've been thinking about getting one. I picture myself wrapped in my Snuggie, reading on the couch and sipping hot tea. Even though I live in Southern CA, it can be quite chilly here in the winter, especially in the mornings and evenings. It's not as cold as other parts of the U.S., but it's cool enough to make you crave extra warmth. Do any of you have a Snuggie? If so, do you actually use it, or was it tossed aside once the novelty wore off? The main reason I want one is because I think it will entice me to read more this winter. My reading lately has been pitiful, limited to a few lines before bed or while I'm waiting for an appointment of some sort.

I have another question for my readers: does my blog load slowly? Does it seem to take forever to appear? I ask this because I have a lot of images on my blog, and for this reason it could take a longer time to load. I know how I am--if a site takes too long to load I lose my patience and move on. My blog loads quickly for me, and I'm hoping that my blog appears quickly for others, too, of course--but I want to know the truth.

Your feedback is much appreciated!


  1. Regarding the snuggie - my inlaws recently bought me a summer robe from Land's End that's basically like a Snuggie except it zips up the front. I love it. It's big and billowy and it lets me lay wherever I want and still be covered up. I've never used a snuggie but if it's anything like my robe, I say it's a good investment. :)

    Regarding your blog, it's never taken a long time to load for me. I have high speed internet but it runs wireless in my house, so it's a bit slower than if it was plugged right into the wall. However, that doesn't stop your page from loading almost instantly when I open it.

  2. I vote NO on the Snuggie. I heard they were really cheaply made and did not wash and wear well???

    I love your blog and it loads very quickly. We have broadband HSI.

  3. I DO have a Snuggie! Or something similar... I'm not sure if it's the real one, because I bought it from one of those "factory leftover" stores, not from TV (a lot cheaper too). My complaint is that it's not thick or warm enough. But I'm not sure how cold it gets in CA. In Sydney, it gets to around a bit under 10 (degree celcius) in winter and it's rather cold inside the house because we don't have central heating.

    ps: Your blog loads fine for me!

  4. Here is what I did when I was concerned about load time-I began to host my images not on blogger but on of these type places-for some reason images load faster-I also used the photo editor on to shrink the images-I did this for post pics and side bar images-I saw a good pick up in load time-I also went back to my posts from a few months ago and I removed some of the graphic images from older posts-also on some older posts I began to use the pagebreak feature in the blogger editor so not an entire large article has to load-

    your blog load speed seems fine to me

  5. I want a snuggie too! They look lovely and warm and we are just so cold over here at the moment.

    I haven't had any problems loading your blog on my PC.

  6. snuggies rock, get one.

    also, no problem loading your site :-)

  7. I bought my daughter a Snuggie as a joke present and it turns out she uses it! We also live in Southern California and she says it's plenty warm enough.

    No loading problems for me

  8. Your blog loads promptly on my computer.

  9. Amanda, Diane, Mee, Mel, Vivienne, Mummazappa, Hcmurdoch, Mark David, Renee, and Charley--THANKS! I greatly appreciate your comments. I resize the original photos I use in posts, which may help this blog to load quickly, but with so many images I wanted to be sure.

    But I'm still undecided about the Snuggie, even though I saw some at Target on clearance.

    To get a Snuggie or not to get a Snuggie--that is the question (my apologizes to Shakespeare).

    Additional comments welcomed!

  10. I want a Snuggie, but I've heard Brookstone's version is much better. I have no problems loading your blog.

  11. hi Suko, nope, your blog loads fine for me.

    And I've laughed at the Snuggie commercials before, they even have Snuggies for But after seeing them around, I think I might want one for myself! They do look cozy. My sister in law has one and she likes hers.
    Go for it :)

  12. Did you get the snuggie yet? LOL!

    I have an award for you!

    xoxo~ Renee

  13. Hi, Suko! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, it has been a while since I've heard from you so it was a pleasant surprise.
    As for a snuggie ... no, I don't have one, but I've often thought they look mighty cozy and it does get cold sometimes in eastern Washington, especially at night! I was reading recently a review that said the snuggies are kind of awkward, though, so I'm not sure if I still want one. Maybe just a nice knitted afghan would do as well. You'll have to let us know what you daughter thinks of hers!
    Also, I didn't have any problem loading your blog pages on my computer. It was just as quick as any other Web site.

  14. Bermudaonion, thank you for your input. Brookstone's version would be extra nice!

    Naida, I've seen Snuggies for dogs as well. My daughters wanted to get one for our dog, a boxer, but they don't make them large enough (so we wrap a blanket around her instead). I could see Diego in a Snuggie, although he gets to wear your handmade sweaters and probably doesn't need one.

    Amanda, I could see D. and B.D. in pint-sized Snuggies. :)

    Renee, thanks for the award. I also took the followers award!

    Luann, thanks for stopping by. My daughter likes hers well enough. I actually washed and dried it to try and shrink it a bit--it's huge on her--even though the label says dry clean only. You're right, an afghan or throw would work as well.

    Thanks for letting me know that my blog loads quickly. That's pretty awesome considering that we live in all parts of the world!

    More comments welcomed.

  15. Wow! I would love something like that for me! But we don't have much winter here... so i think it would be a waste :)
    But it looks awfully comfortable :)

    For em it loads fast. no worries Suko :)

  16. My daughter bought me a Snuggie for Christmas and I love it. It's very warm and cozy...but I must warn you that every time I use it, it's so warm and cozy that I doze off! I've washed and dried it (gentle cycle wash, no heat dry) and have not seen any signs of wear yet. The thing is so big that she'll cuddle with me on the couch, and I have one arm in one side and she puts her arm in the other side so we wear it together. LOL

    As for your blog loading, it seemed fast enough to me.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  17. As far as the Snuggie goes, I would love to have one! It has been unnaturally cold here in Florida this winter, and I think a Snuggie would be divine for all of those nights when I have to pile on the blankets. I would go ahead and get one. I am sure you will use it, and they are not too terribly expensive. What color were you thinking of getting? I would pick blue.

    Also, your website is loading fine for me. I don't notice any lag time for loading at all.

  18. I'm not really into the Snuggie craze - having just put in a gas fireplace, I like to plop down in front of it to warm my toes!

  19. I use the two blanket trick: One blanket up to my chest, with another over my shoulders, and my hands sticking out underneath it.

  20. Veens, I'm glad that my blog loads quickly--even in India! Thanks for letting me know.

    Anna, a Snuggie for two--how cozy!

    Zibilee, my daughter has the blue one, so mine will be a different color. Thanks for your response about the loading time.

    Stephanie, a fireplace is a great spot for warming up, and for reading!

    J.T., many thanks for sharing your two blanket trick!

    More comments welcomed.

  21. I own a very bodacious snuggie myself.



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