Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Blogger Hop: What's in a Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
I had no intention of joining the blogosphere's best BOOK PARTY this week, but decided to participate when I read this week's question from Jen B. from I Read Banned Books: Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?

This is why I couldn't resist doing the Hop, even though I could be, and should be, reading. Great question, at least to me. When I first started this book blog, I didn't know what to call it. For simplicity's sake, I think, I decided to use my user name, Suko, and very briefly, my blog was just called "Suko" (the few friends who dropped by probably didn't know what to think--did I have an alter ego?). Very soon, though, I realized that I needed to add something more to my blog's title, and came up with Suko's Notebook. A notebook is a book with blank pages for writing or other uses, as well as a small, portable computer, so it fits my blog's character and purpose pretty well. For the most part, I am happy with my blog's title, although sometimes when people ask me in spoken conversation what my blog's title is, I may falter just a bit.

What about you?

Hosted by Jennifer from Crazy-for-Books, this Book Blogger Hop lasts from February 25 until February 28. It's a fabulous, friendly way for book bloggers to socialize, connect with other book lovers, and discover new book blogs. If you'd like me to hop by your blog, please leave a comment.


  1. Be proud to say your blog title. It is unusual and original.
    I didnt think of it in the tech sense only the paperbound description of a notebook.

    I have explained my blog name on the blog


  2. Hi-just hopping by to be sure you have your invitation

    I would like to invite you to consider participating in

    Irish Short Story Week-3/14 to 3/20

  3. Mel, thank you. I will take a look soon.

  4. Your blog title is great. There are days when I wish mine reflected something to do with books, but I've had it too long to change things.

  5. Kathy, your blog title is unique and unforgettable. Thanks for hopping by!

  6. Hopping through. How come your html address is Suko95?
    My Hop

  7. Great answer and I think the name is perfect for you.

  8. Well I took the leap and changed my blog name from what it originally was because, although I like the first name -- Find Your Next Book Here -- it proved to be sooooo long. It was one of those things I didn't consider when I blithly started my blog.

  9. I like your blog title, it's unique :) Unlike my blog was actually first called...'love of words'. But then I switched to bookworm.

    Enjoy your weekend Suko!

  10. I like how you put your real name, and connected it to notebook. I find your blog such a lovely place which seems to represent your personality; at any rate, I get a lovely feeling when I visit.

    As for my own blog, I never thought it would be a book blog; it just turned out that way. Sometimes, I wish I'd used something with the word "book" in it somewhere. :)

  11. Alison, you are observant. If I remember correctly, "Suko" by itself wasn't available.

    Yvonne, thanks!

    Jenners, I remember your other blog name. Thank you for hopping by.

    Naida, the bookworm is a great name for a book blog!

    Bellezza, thank you for your kind words. Your blog's title reflects your beautiful blog.

    Thanks for all the comments. I welcome more as always.

  12. I named mine after my favourite word. Serendipidy was the name of my first manuscript when I was ten! Probably couldn't call it a manuscript, more like a long story that didn't seem to go anywhere but had very detailed characters! Then ever since this word has just kept cropping up. I wouldn't change it, but I would like to change my blog address to match it, making it easier for people to find me.

  13. When I began my blog on january, i was afraid not findind a title !
    I was sure wanting to write about books, but thought it would be possible writing too about other topics.
    I was happy to find 'Une vie à lire" because it could be read with two meanings
    The first one "To spend my life in reding"
    The second one "You can read about my life."
    Sorry for my english !

  14. I like the name of your blog, Suko's Notebook. A notebook is what we write in. It works for me!

    I started My Reading Corner blog because I wanted a place to keep track of the books I read with a brief review about the books. It is really for my own entertainment, as is all my blogs. I seem to have themes for all my blogs, except Butterflies and Candles, it is my personal and test blog.

  15. You have a unique blog title, I like it and I can easily remember it.

    I originally started Under My Apple Tree back in 2006 as an eclectic blog with no real focus. I reinvented it as a book blog in 2009. The apple tree exists ... it's in my backyard. I spend a lot of time gardening and reading there so the name means something to me. And yes, I'm happy with it and wouldn't change it.

  16. Thx for hopping by! I have been wanting to ask the question for a long time so last week I proposed it for the hop. Glad they picked it!

    I like my blog name too. I have read that most are happy with the choice they made, but a few have changed it at some point in time.

  17. Hello, I'm a new follower! I like your blog name and I really like the explanation you gave for adding "notebook" to it. I think it definitely describes your blog. Have a great weekend!

    The Owl Bookmark Blog

  18. Hi! I am a new follower. I still like my name since it is relatively new. It fits what I do in life: Reflect. On my site I reflect about books but in life I reflect about everything (reflect is a nice professional way of saying daydream I'm sure).

    Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic

  19. I love that your title is unique.

    My response

  20. I knew this was a great question. Naming someone or something is so important to us. Thank you all for the comments.

  21. I'm one of those people that has changed their blog title half way through blogging. I honestly can't say that I would of changed it if my fiancee hadn't come up with such a cute name...I just couldn't resist :)

  22. I don't know about changing my blog name as I still like that BUT I do wish I'd opted for something other than Petty Witter - perhaps one day I will get around to chnging it, to what I don't know.

  23. I actually love the name of my blog a lot, and I wasn't sure that I was going to when I picked it out. I think it's hard to find a blog name that really stands out and suits who you are as a reader, but I also think that Suko's Notebook is a great name!

  24. Oooohh ok! I thought Suko might have been a middle name. I love the name Suko by the way.
    I wish I could change my blog name, just because the name is the same name of a hotel in some other country!! Oh well..
    Natalie :0)


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