Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magpie Tales #52: House Rules

Now that we live in a house, we need to have some rules around here.

House Rules
~Don't bring any mud or dog turd in on your shoes. Take off your shoes so you don't spoil the carpet. Slippers are okay. (This may be hard for "shoe people"--but I hate dingy-looking carpet.)

~If you are the first one up, please get the newspaper and turn on the coffee maker.

~Please make your bed each and every morning. It doesn't have to be perfect--hospital corners aren't required--but it does have to be done.

~Clean the bathrooms once a week, minimum.

~If you leave crumbs on the counter or table, please wipe them up, and hang dishtowels neatly. A tidy kitchen is more appealing than a messy one.

~Don't leave dishes in the sink, unless the dishwasher is running and it's too late to add dishes. (And Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day makes washing dishes by hand almost a pleasure.)

~No smoking. (Sorry, Charles!)

~Should we hire a housekeeper, to help out twice a month? Shelley uses a gal named Sondra.

~If you break something, "fess up"!

~Lights out by 10:30 PM during the week (unless you're reading a Jodi Picoult book).


This is an interactive Mag--please add something to this list of house rules. :)

Photo and writing prompt from Magpie Tales, which celebrates a one-year blogiversary this week!


  1. What a cute post for that prompt! I love it.

  2. Thank you, Kristen! What did I leave off of this list?

  3. Whoa!! Some rules there, Suko!! :))
    LOVED the Jodi Picoult one THE MOST!!! Totally works in my favor ... heheh
    And as for dirty carpets and breaking things up, I hear ya, my friend!! I am gonna make my hubby read this one tonight.. heheh

    In all its sternness, this piece is very very sweet!! :))

  4. Ah, such fun! I wish I'd laid down house rules . . . ;-)

  5. What a great idea.
    Another rule - Keep all Legos out of all walkways -especially since you've already established the no shoes rule ;)

  6. No food in the bedrooms
    Replace the beer you sneak
    Paper plates not allowed
    Maintain reasonable thermostat temp

  7. Mamacheetah and Helen, thanks for playing along! Isn't this fun?! I appreciate all the comments. :)

  8. lol! What a fun post!.none of my house rules work.:-(

  9. Please do not use all the hot water. :) It seems to be a workable set of rules!

  10. Ha ha! Great magpie; you are so clever. Nobody listens to my rules...

  11. Stand to Attention!
    Wake Up at the Back There!
    Keep Calm and Carry On!
    Don't take Ma too seriously.

    Great rules. Great write,

  12. Ooh can I add too?

    Last one to bed, let's the dog out!

  13. I would like to borrow your house rules for myself! Thanks for posting this witty and fun list, Suko!

  14. Most enjoyable take.

    Do your own dishes.

  15. Oh, can I play too?

    ~Mow the lawn and water the flowers once a week. (I sure there must be grass and flowers once the snow melts.)

  16. What a refreshing change this 'pie is! I love it. Are the rules available in poster size...? If so, put me down for a copy!

  17. Interesting Magpie! Love the rules. A rule in our house, turn off the computers!

  18. Don't eat the last of the chocolate - unless your name is Mom - then it's ok.

  19. Very nice Suko! Especially that last one :)

  20. Difficult to be the 22d !

    "And above all be happy there !"

  21. All comments or "house rules" are appreciated. Thanks so much! :)

  22. love your creative thoughts here,

    crumbs on the table, that's a home run line.

  23. Hilarious!

    Do not leave the garbage until it's overflowing
    Clear up after yourself - this is not an hotel
    All joints on the table will be carved
    If I don't think it's music you will be asked to turn it down
    I don't care that your mother never said it, but put the loo seat down

  24. please squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube and not the middle.

    A great post, I may well have to pinch the idea.

    Glad to be back visiting you, apologies that I haven't been around as much.

  25. Haha, right, unless the dishwasher is running!

  26. This has been a lot of fun and I encourage my fellow writers/bloggers to try Magpie Tales! :)

  27. What an innovative way of doing the prompt! :) Loved it totally.

    Loved the Jodi Picoult rule especially.. Have you read any of her books? I haven't yet, and look forward to reading her.

  28. Priya, thank you. I've only read one Jodi Picoult novel, My Sister's Keeper, but I'd like to also read House Rules. :)

  29. That's a good list Suko. Especially making the bed is top of my list. I refuse to go to a bed that is not made and hence I refuse to get off the bed without making it first thing in the morning. Trying to teach it to my kids as well; unfortunately they are not catching right on...


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