Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's been a full day of social activity--a violin recital and potluck, later a party (complete with Filipino and American karaoke)--and it's good to be back at home at last, at the computer with a cup of tea. I have misplaced The Hidden Target so I haven't been able to read it lately, although I'm sure I'll find it soon. (Don't worry, Sandie, it's rare that I really lose anything, but if it is lost I will certainly obtain another copy for you.) It's around the house somewhere, with another book I've misplaced, SeinLanguage, Jerry Seinfeld's autobiography.

I snapped this photo in San Miguel de Allende in July of 2006. A really good book to read either before or after visiting the lovely colonial town of San Miguel is On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel by Tony Cohan. I read it after a relaxing trip to San Miguel, and it helped me to relive the experience. Today, I read it to freshen my memories. A national bestseller, published in 2000, this book is actually Cohan's memoir of his new life in San Miguel with his artist wife, Masako. They fell under the spell of San Miguel during a visit in 1985, and decided to leave smoggy, congested Los Angeles and move to a simpler, more engaging life in Mexico. Cohan paints a picture of a colorful, sensual, and lively town in this book, which celebrates San Miguel de Allende.

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