Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Out of the Blue

Last night I finished Michael J. Fox's autobiography, Lucky Man. It is well written, a funny and poignant account of his life. I knew next to nothing about Parkinson's disease, "PD", before reading this book. Fox discusses the beginning of his symptoms, a pinkie that suddenly, out of the blue, wouldn't stop twitching, then the gradual but obvious progression of the disease, and how Parkinson's affected and changed him. He has become a spokesman for Parkinson's, and started his own foundation eight years ago, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, whose mission is to "find a cure for Parkinson's disease within the decade. . .", which has already funded over $120 million in research!

Sometimes I find it difficult to name a new post. If my kids were to name my post, they'd probably want to call it, "Mom's Random Thoughts About Books". They LOVE the word random, and use it often. (Why do they love this word? I suppose you can label almost anything as random, and get a laugh.) While my ideas may sometimes seem to be out of the blue, they are actually related to what I'm reading and thinking about.

I may be able to start The Catcher in the Rye sooner than I thought, due to a schedule change. Interestingly, author J.D. Salinger dedicates this book to his mother!


  1. Instead of naming it "Out of the Blue".... you could have named it "Random Book Note"...... maybe you should name your next post that! :))


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