Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Greetings!  Today I went to the Padres game (they won after 18 innings!) and later to see friends and family at the beach, so I'm getting to my blog on the late side.   It's been a lovely Memorial Day weekend so far, with a mix of clouds and sun, and weather on the cool side for May.  My mother-in-law showed me her "new toy" again, a Kindle, which she absolutely loves. It's compact and light, and the words on the screen are easy to read.  It would be great for travel or to throw in your purse for times when you have a few spare minutes to read.

I'm finished with West from Home. (Thanks for lending it to me, Lori!) The book features some recipes that I will have to try someday.   It's always fun to try recipes found in stories and books other than cookbooks.  Another friend, Sandie, lent me a copy of The Hidden Target to read (thanks, Sandie!).  This book will be a real departure for me.  According to Sandie, it's a great way to escape.  I can't wait!


  1. Thanks for asking, Susan. It's fine to use my name. You are very kind and respectful. Since it doesn't represent any content of perceived subversive theme, the international internet scrutiny should be no problem. It's the identity theft problems I have issues with and since no personal information is included, such as bank account numbers, or resume items to rearrange, or addresses to twist, I think we're in good shape! I admit to being really chicken to make any comment to my friends online objecting to the T's (abbreviated on purpose) destruction of the giant Buddhist statues not long before nine-11. I was appalled, but did not want to sign my name to any e-mails to the U.N. protesting the action as the internet is the source of so much "big brother" power - and the source of twisting it as well! This blog is a celebration of ideas in the best sense of freedom, and I want to help protect that any way I can, and I'm glad you do, too.

  2. Thanks, Sandie! If you ever feel that your privacy is compromised, please let me know.


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