Monday, September 14, 2009

More Miscellaneous Musings

Book Blogger Appreciation Week begins! Why not leave some appreciative comments on other book blogs and let them know how much you enjoy their blogs? I know I will!

Many book bloggers are listing the book blogs they enjoy which didn't make the official BBAW shortlist. My own "shortlist" would probably be my blogroll, which includes the blogs I visit regularly and leave comments on, although some of these blogs are on the BBAW shortlist. I know that there are many more excellent book blogs out there that I haven't discovered.

Mel from The Reading Life honored me with some very kind words. Thank you, Mel! What's special about his own blog is that it focuses on reading and books within books themselves, a unique and intriguing angle for a book blog. And I can't read it without adding more books to my TBR stacks!

Cathy from One eyed stuffed bunny and... gave me another award. Thank you, Cathy! (Bloggers, please feel free to "steal" this award and spread the love!)

Here's my version of Mailbox Monday: I'm getting more books in the mail to review! As if that weren't enough, I won another book, The Heretic Queen from Giving...Reading- A Chance...!!! Thank you very much!

I also received something else in the mail. Because they know I'm interested in health matters, Janny and Jeff from POM Wonderful sent me a care package of POMx Antioxidant Super Tea to try. Previously they sent me pomegranate juice, which I loved. This time, they sent me four varieties of iced tea: Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea, Pomegranate Blackberry Tea, Light Pomegranate Wildberry White Tea, and Light Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea. My daughter and I have been enjoying them a lot. Delicious on ice or straight from the bottle, I like them because they're aren't overly sweet; I don't like sugary tea (although I'll try sweet tea when I venture to the south someday). Not only do these teas taste good, but they also have numerous health benefits from the tea as well as the concentrated pomegranate extract. My favorite flavor is the Light Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea. Many of you already know that I love tea (formerly I was a coffee drinker), so this tea care package was perfect for me. Thanks, Janny and Jeff!

Please stop by tomorrow for my interview with Amanda from The Zen Leaf. Remember to enter my giveaway for a $25 gift card if you haven't yet done so. Here's to a great BBAW!


  1. Ah. More book blogs to check out. I think this whole BBAW is getting dangerous! :D See you tomorrow!

  2. I have never tried pomegranate juice, though I am interested in what it's like. I have heard that they are very good for you though. Congrats on the award and the book win this week!

  3. visiting via BBAW. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

  4. I enjoy your breezy writing style Suko. You are an inspiration to all types of artists out there and I appreciate learning about topics and writers I might not have acknowledged otherwise. While reading your blog, I imagine I am on the beach with a stack of books and no noise except for the soothing sound of waves in the background. Reading your blog inspires me to take a "reading" vacation where I can just get lost in numerous books and do nothing else. Now, I will go to the second half where you are being interviewed. I can't wait..

  5. Great post Suko. I'll have to check those blogs out :)
    Enjoy The Heretic Queen and the tea! The Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea sounds great, I love Green Tea and drink it daily.

  6. I appreciate all the nice comments--thank you, Amanda, Zibilee, Heather, Karen, and Naida. :)

    More comments are welcomed, of course!

  7. Ahhhaaa!! You won... and I am SO GLAD you won girl!! :) :)

    The book will be mailed to you SOON!

  8. The teas sound wonderful. I love tea! :)


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